Welcome to the website of the Light Car Club of Canberra (LCCC)…

The LCCC are a friendly, ‘family and friends’ orientated ACT motor sport club which welcomes people from all walks of life and allows them to engage in grass roots motor sport activities in and around the ACT. The primary focus of the LCCC is running introductory level Khanacross and Rallysprint events as well as a range of social events each year.

Khanacross Round 2 - Light Car Club of Canberra, Gundaroo track.

All LCCC motor sport events are supervised by qualified officials. Competitors must have the appropriate competition licences and wear approved safety gear during events. Vehicles are checked prior to each event and must meet strict safety and compliance requirements.

Khanacross events provide the opportunity for people from just 12 years of age to develop their driving skills in a safe, supervised and regulated environment. I have put together a promotional brochure which provides further detail on the Khanacross events run by the LCCC which is available for download here.

Rallysprint events are intermediate level events which provide a stepping stone between the introductory khanacross events and full level rally events. These are more compact and conducted at lower speeds and over shorter distances than a proper rally, however allow competitors to take that next step, as well as getting used to working as a crew(a driver and navigator) in the car.

2015 National Patios Khanacross - Series 1, (Light Car Club of Canberra), Murrumbateman, NSW, Aust

At the present time the LCCC are reliant on the goodwill of two landholders who have kindly offered to allow the LCCC to run khanacross events on their land. In at least one case, this is a short term arrangement, meaning the requirement to find another venue is quite urgent. The LCCC have also found it increasingly difficult to run rallysprint events in the ACT due to the increasing number of restrictions placed on the Club and competitors when making use of open forest areas.

Because of these limitations, the LCCC is currently working with ACT Government to identify a suitable closed area for the Club to continue to run Khanacross and Rallysprint events into the future. An expression of interest was submitted during 2015 to assess the possibility of the LCCC having access to Block 108, Tennent for the purpose of conducting khanacross and rallysprint events.


Block 108 has been identified as a possibility for use as the proposed LCCC events would largely make use of the existing roads on Block 108, with some minor works including to locations where these roads cross the existing creek. There is no intention to ‘move in’ or ‘transform’ the site into a ‘motor sport facility’ as such, as events could be run on the site with relatively minimal work. All equipment is brought to site and removed at the end of each event, and the areas used would be maintained as required to ensure these remain in good condition.

The LCCC have indeed invested significant time and effort in preparing documentation, consulting with interested parties (including the nearby residents via their Committee) and working to address concerns raised regarding the proposal. Currently, a more formal proposal is being prepared for ACT Government, which aims to further detail the Club activities, and to address items raised by various agencies with an interest in Block 108.

The Block 108 proposal has been the subject of an article in the Canberra Times today (20 December 2015). The LCCC have previously met with the residents group in question, and discussed the proposed events and their concerns. Unfortunately, whilst a number of accurate points were covered, the article failed to articulate to the public what the proposed events actually entail.


The LCCC intend to continue to work towards accessing Block 108, firm in the belief that the proposed events will benefit the wider community, until such time as the Club is formally advised this is inappropriate use of the area and the proposal can not proceed.

I welcome any queries relating to the nature of the events run by the LCCC, or with regard to locating suitable areas to run these, and can be contacted at khanacross@lightcarclub.org.au or on 0418 272 346.

Mike Behnke – Light Car Club of Canberra