About the LCCC

About the LCCC

The LCCC is a fun and friendly club that organises and supports rallying and other motorsport in and around the ACT.

We are a CAMS affiliated club and our members compete in everything from local club events to the Australian Rally Championship.
The club runs entry level events for people new to motorsport, or for more experienced drivers who want a bit of fun without having to mortgage the house. Events range from khanacrosses and rallysprints to occasional full level rallies.

Don’t think that age or gender is a barrier, everyone is welcome to join, take part and compete. Rallying is like a huge family and the LCCC is great at making you feel welcome. If you ever have any questions, need help or want to get involved, we are more than happy to assist. We have a large pool of members, all with different skills and knowledge who can guide you. Come see us at a club meeting, send us an email or chat to us on our Facebook page and we will endeavour to help you out.

Contacting Us

The club committee can be contacted by e-mail at committee@lightcarclub.org.au.
For updates and news you can follow us on our Facebook page.  This is particularly useful for last minute updates like event cancellations or news about events as they happen.  You do not have to join or sign in to Facebook to see this.

You can join the LCCC online, or in person at an event or club meeting. You are able to view our current member list here.

Club meetings are held on the second Monday of each month excluding January at the Woden Tradies Club. The meeting starts at 7.30pm, but feel free to come down from around 6:30 for a bite to eat and a chat before we get down to the “serious” stuff. Everyone is welcome to come along, a current membership is not required. You can find us in the Bistro area prior to the meeting before we move to one of the meeting rooms (the staff at the front desk can point you in the right direction if you’re unsure of where to go). No club meeting is held in January, and meetings will still go ahead if they happen to fall on a Public holiday.

Committee meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, also at the Woden Tradies Club, starting at 7.30pm. The Annual General Meeting is held in conjunction with the December Club Meeting.

2017 Club Committee

President – Mike Behnke
Vice president – Russell Winks
Secretary – Geniene Webster
Treasurer – Terrie Hornby
Membership Secretary – Kim Day
General Committee – Paul Dunn, Blake McCormack, Jean Pappilaud, Mathew Boorman, Phil Arthur

Other club roles

Club Captain – Russel Winks
ACT Series – Russel Winks
Equipment Officer – Mathew Boorman
Webmaster – Blake McCormack

Legal Entity

The club is associated in the ACT, and our ABN is 36 047 437 895. Our constitution is available at this link.

Club History

The Light Car Club of Canberra was formed in 1963 by Iain (formerly John) Watson and a number of RAAF personnel from RAAF Fairbairn who were interested in motorsport. They began their journey by joining the only car club in Canberra at that time, the Canberra Sporting Car Club.

Not long after that, a few of the boys including Iain, and a couple of other CSCC members, formed the LCCC due to their need for a more unified and sportsmanship orientated club. The name was chosen because Iain had been a member of the Light Car Club of Tasmania, call it sentimentality if you like.

The first couple of meetings were at his RAAF married quarters located at 41 Nicholson Crescent, just across from the ANU and just down from the old CSIRO labs. Soon after the club moved to the BP Braddon service station. The manager Colin and his family had been living over the station in a flat but had moved out and the club was then offered the flat as club rooms at no cost. They remained there for some time, but later on the club held meeting at club members’ houses and clubs throughout central Canberra.

The club membership grew quite rapidly, and after initially comprising mostly of RAAF members, it soon grew to include people from a plethora of different backgrounds. Today the LCCC consists of members that come from all sorts of professions and walks of life, but we’re all there for the same reason: our love of motorsport.