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Welcome to the Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages in the heart of Cooma and the Monaro region. It has been a long time since there was a Special Stage Rally in the area, that being the 1965 London to Sydney, and people still talk about it! We have chosen a selection of 7 shire roads that range from open and flowing through paddocks, to more tight and technical along creeks. Most of these roads have never been used in a rally before, and will provide a challenge to competitors. We would rate them as being good open forest roads rather than the typical definition of shire roads.

The local land holders and property managers have been very generous, to the point of moving stock so the event can happen, and the local car club and the town of Cooma have embraced the rally and been hugely supportive of the LCCC and the event. The service area for the rally will be directly adjacent to a major car show, the Cooma Motorfest, which happens bi-annually to raise money for cancer research. Monaro Stages competitors will have full access to the Motorfest, with the Cooma Car Club merely requesting  a gold coin donation.

The Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages will start and regroup in the Cooma showground, offering great opportunities for spectators to get close to the cars and competitors. We are hoping to see the Monaro Stages become a fixture on the ACT & NSW DRS calendars and we hope to see you all there!


Entry Form – Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages

Supplementary Regulations – Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages


Bulletin 1  – Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages

Bulletin 2 – Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages

Service Instructions:

Service Instructions – Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages

Service Park Map:

The service park is located next to the Cooma Bowling Club, Mawson Avenue, Cooma (click for full size image).




Seeded Entry List:

Seeded Entry List – Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages

Spectator Instructions:

Spectator Instructions – Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages